i-graduate's interactive data visualisation tool - contact for a demo! 

interact enables you to explore your results through a fully interactive and user-friendly interface. The dynamic views within the interact workbook allow you to explore the dataset; from basic charts showing Faculty/Department or School results to multi-dimensional views that benchmark these results against an index of competitors.

You can highlight, extract and view the underlying data as well as apply filters and sort options to achieve the most relevant data analysis to you.

Instantly visualise your Student Barometer data using intuitive and easy-to-use charts

  • Compare the student experience at every level, against an index of competitors
  • Explore the key decision-making factors for students, feedback on the application process, perceptions of value for money and careers expectations – all at the click of a button

View performance across your institution

  • Instantly compare complex datasets and drill down to extract detailed information quickly and accurately
  • Highlight, extract and apply filters to conduct the most relevant data analysis

A vital ingredient in the strategic planning process

  • Achieve greater engagement with stakeholders

Using dynamic online charts puts data at your fingertips and a comprehensive set of filters allow you to drill down into the results and get straight to the data directly relevant to you.

Filter data by:

  • Study area and course
  • Schools / departments
  • Faculty
  • Demographics (including nationality, study level and gender)
  • Home / international students
  • Study level
  • Study stage (First year, final year and other year students)
  • Study mode (full-time, part-time or all students)
  • Study type (student exchange, study abroad, distance learners)

This powerful online data visualisation tool is now available with your Student Barometer or International Student Barometer deliverables.

Download our product sheet to view deliverables or please contact the team to arrange a demonstration.

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