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Universities worldwide devote millions of dollars to the administration and funding of study abroad. There has been much anecdotal evidence to suggest an overseas study experience is a good thing, but very little hard data.

iMPACT™ is a new comparative instrument for measuring the effect a short-term student exchange or study abroad programme has on your students and alumni, who have studied abroad as part of a degree-level course.

iMPACT™ launched across the Asia-Pacific region in May 2014 with a founders group of seven leading universities. These institutions now have a verifiable understanding of the value of student exchange.

With iMPACT™, you will receive substantive feedback across the range of your global exchange programmes allowing you to filter data by country of study, institution, field of study, length of programme and time since completion.


Understanding the impact of study abroad and student exchange will enable you to:

  • Build institutional support and internal endorsement
  • Evaluate and enhance the student experience for future students
  • Convince both parents and students that there is a clear value in a study abroad experience
  • Evaluate your portfolio of programmes through internal comparison and external benchmarking
  • Track the personal and professional development of participants of these programmes
  • About me
  • My study abroad experience
  • My reflections: the experience, skills development, career trajectories
  • My current status / plans
  • My intercultural experience - time spent with others, competencies, global citizenship
  • Prize draw
  • Simple process requiring minimal administration at your end
  • Dedicated i-graduate Account Manager
  • Online survey, personalised to reflect the terminology used in your institution
  • Reporting online and in person
  • Personalised online survey development, launch and hosting, plus all administration
  • Detailed analysis by discipline, level of study and nationality
  • Results benchmarked against competitor groups
  • A face-to-face presentation or a webcast report-back from a senior member of the i-graduate team, highlighting important issues, insights and results

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