Environmental Policy

Reducing our impact

Here at i-graduate, we are actively committed to reducing our impact on the environment. We take every opportunity to recycle or re-use waste materials generated by our business and encourage staff to act in a positive environmental manner.

By promoting simple and manageable steps, staff are encouraged / educated to reduce their environmental impact - by reusing, recycling, sourcing ethically and minimising energy use.

  • PCs and IT equipment are switched off at night
  • Monitors are switched off when not in use, to reduce the amount of electricity used
  • Unnecessary lights are switched off
  • Old or unwanted PCs are donated to local schools / charities
  • Less paper, less waste - staff are asked to avoid unnecessary printing and encouraged to re-use paper wherever possible
  • We recycle all paper and office products, where possible
  • Printer cartridges are recycled
  • We source ethical products, such as fair-trade tea and coffee
  • Staff are encouraged to think about their method of travel to work

Committed to a "Greener i-graduate"

At i-graduate we want to continue improving our performance in environmental protection and resource conservation. We monitor the progress of our environmental performance and review on a regular basis (usually annually).

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