Australia & New Zealand

i-graduate have been working with institutions across Australia and New Zealand since 2006, including the majority of Higher Education institutions in Australia and all universities in New Zealand.

The International Student Barometer™   and Student Barometer have become a fixed and important part of the internal review and benchmarking process for many longstanding partners. Our access to data across all sectors has allowed us to work with government bodies and national organisations to provide valuable insights in to key trends in the industry.

In Australia, our partners include:

  • 39 Universities
  • 28 Institutes of Technology
  • 32 Schools
  • 5 Private Colleges
  • 60 Language Schools
  • 31 Hotel / Catering Colleges

In New Zealand, our partners include:

  • 8 Universities
  • 18 Institutes of Technology
  • 55 Private Colleges
  • 12 Language Schools

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