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Trends Across Higher Education Systems in ASEAN - a BMCC webinar exploring the opportunities in Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam.

We know what things help make international students happy - but what could these results mean now for universities trying to support international students during a global pandemic crisis?  (The Australian article by i-graduate's Stephen Connelly)

International students want universities to act sustainably (The Australian article by i-graduate's Stephen Connelly & Ailsa Lamont)

Internationalisation - establishing the conditions required to meet the growing need for global graduates (webinar)

The decline in international enrolments – looking beyond the headlines gives institutions more control over their futures (blog)

Overcoming inertia and evolving institutions’ level of internationalisation to meet the need for better global graduates

Sunway University leverages the power of Student Voice to benchmark its Student Experience against other leading universities around the world. (Case study)

Student Outcomes in Higher Education: a global review of definitions, data and performance

The International Study Experience in Germany - how does it compare? 

What happened when we gave evidence to the Higher Education Commission at the House of Lords? 

UUK international launch second Competitive Advantage report created with data from i-graduate.

Explaining International Student Satisfaction

A UKCISA publication on how the University of Warwick promote student integration on campus
Promoting integration on Campus: Principles, Practice and Issues for Further Exploration

Exploring the social viability of internationalising a university's community using data from the International Student Barometer
How 'Internationalised' is your University?


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